Yesterday a contingent of U.S. Senators critical of domestic surveillance, led by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., spent nearly 11 hours giving speeches critical of Patriot Act-enabled spying on Americans.

On Fox News, retired general and General Dynamics board member Jack Keane dismissed their concerns. Asked by host Neil Cavuto about Rand’s speech, Keane said, “Listen, I trust the National Security Agency, I think they do tremendous work. … I’m convinced they’ve got the United States’ interest at heart.”

Keane did not disclose his affiliation with General Dynamics, an NSA contractor. Keane has been on the board of General Dynamics since 2004, and received almost $250,000 in compensation last year alone. Keane is one of several pundits with NSA ties whom I profiled in an investigation published last week.

Watch the clip below:

The long day of speeches — which was not technically a filibuster — was designed to place a renewed spotlight on NSA abuse of authority ahead of the planned vote on the renewal of Patriot Act authority, which expires on June 1.

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Photo: Fox News