Climate Crimes

Faced with the irrefutable facts of global warming, sea-level rise, and large-scale climate collapse, governments and corporations remain determined to enrich themselves no matter the cost to continued life on Earth.

Ozone Layer Recovery Is Being Undermined by Pollution From U.S. Companies

The EPA has declined to consider the ozone-depleting potential of chemicals released by U.S. companies.

Imperial Oil, Canada’s Exxon Subsidiary, Ignored Its Own Climate Change Research for Decades, Archive Shows

Imperial publicly denied the dangers of carbon dioxide emissions even as its research arm concluded the pollutants contributed to climate change.

Rich Nations, After Driving Climate Disaster, Block All Progress at U.N. Talks

“They’ve effectively been lighting the house on fire as they plan to walk out the door,” said an advocate about Trump’s pledge to leave the Paris Agreement.

Under Left- and Right-Wing Leaders, the Amazon Has Burned. Can Latin America Reject Oil, Ranching, and Mining?

The social gains of the pink tide were real, and striking. But they were ephemeral, and the cost to the environment was high.

Emboldened by Bolsonaro, Land-Hungry Ranchers Are Destroying a Pioneering Project to Help the Poor and Save the Amazon

American Catholic nun Dorothy Stang died defending a sustainable development model for the Amazon. Can her legacy survive in Bolsonaro’s Brazil?