Black Budget

May. 20 2014 — 12:39a.m.


(U) Project Dese riptian ESHSIHREL TCI The Special Snurce Ciperatinns Prcject pmvides management nversight and lngistical tn the Special Snurce Access These resnurces are used tn prnvide management services tn drive efliciencies within the Special Snurce Access Espenditure Center include general management. trainin . and travel. This Prcject the IIAIVIPART-I injand the in?. It alsn the MYSTIC Ciflice. which leverages partner-enabled accesses against Glnbal Svstem Ivlnbile Cnmmunicatinns EGSMJ and rather cellular and Public Switched Telephnne It target develnpment thrnugh and de?nitive descriptinn rat" fnreign targets? current and future use nftelecnmmunicatinns and cnmputer svstems. Additinnallv. this Prnject sustains tn add. enhance. and Wireless capabilities Special Snurce Accesses. and tn address critical target capabilitv gaps. This Prnject cnntains the Special Snurce Stal'l'CIperatinns Sub-Prnject- Base resnurces in this prnject are used tn: - Prnvide travel. training. equipment and general supplies fur the Special Snurce Access nflice. - ETSHSIHRELTCI Prnvides initial and emergi ng access tn high-prinritv targets against new requirements. prnvide management and technical engineering services tn analyze and maintain data llnw. metrics. and manage allncatinn nftaslcs and schedules SSCI cnllectinn snurces- - ESHSIHREL TCI Pmvide services HEW cnre esplnitatinn capabilities tn deplnv cnre esplnitatinn capabilities tn cnllectinn sites in? Caribbean. the Philippines. and Ivlesicn- - ECHREL TCI Purchase classi?ed prncessing equipment. assnciated upgrades. and lite-cvcle - Sustain ca abilities tn prnvide metadata access and cnntent against targeted cnmmunicatinns in Iienva. Caribbean. Mesicn. and the Phili ines- Prnvide new cnllectinn capability in run their internatinnal tn and Capabilities will rafter near-real time. access tn the additinnal target cnuntrv's GSIVI and prnvide tasking and near-real-time accessfde iv'ervnl'n1etadata as required- Activities previnuslv prnvided bv Clverseas Cnntingencv Ciperatinns resnurces are requested in the base submissinn.

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