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General Il1fOI?l]1EltiOl1 YEAR DESCRIPTION VALUE MAJOR TARGETS MAJOR HENEFAETORS USERS OF INFORMATION MYSTIC (U) EUDEI MYSTIC is an SSO for embedded COHECOOH htre1't1j.r fer the ceiieciicm and hf The purpose is fc:1'1egih'Ihate cernIhe1'ciai services for the Te1cc:'s our is the pictrisihn hf SIGINT. These stems directi su hit ?ill their Ccnii1te1' I?larccsiics, and rnissieiis. The IVITSTIC eiic hnipasses a iiurhher hf which are hy NOSE, DEA, and CIA. Plaii fc-1' MYSTIC accesses against prcujected 5 new (Le. 3G and 4G Vt:-ice data, etc.) (MOD) 3.1, 3.3 Other CIA spc-iiscurecl sites: 5. DUSKPALLET - - Kellffall GEM En. EVENINGEASEL IVIe:~:ica11 ?aifireless B) (Ts;/st;/aist TO USA, Kiic-wii as SOMALGET sites with US-3310-XX, PDDG ED 1. - Bahamas GEM -3 Iiiclucles sites aiicl

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