Saudi Arabia Information Paper

Jul. 25 2014 — 8:18p.m.


TOP 8 EUR ETHSIHNO FORM Naticnal Security 3 April 2013 Agencyi'Central Security Service Paper TD USA, SAU) Subject: NSA Intelligence Relaticnship with Saudi Arabia (U) (TSHSIHN F) Since the ?rst Gulf War in 1001, NSAICSS has had a very limited SIGINT relaticnship with the cf Saudi Arabia (KSA). The SIGINT relaticnship has been sclely with the Ministry cf Defense, Radic Reccnnaissance Department (MDD RRD) which is the ?rst ministry-level crganizaticns that have a rcle in the defense and security cf the The NSAICSS SIGINT relaticnship with the MOD RRD is a and challenging cne that, after several years cf stagnaticn, is experiencing a pericd cf rejuvenaticn. NSAICSS is in the prccess cf mcdernizing the MOD RRD High Frequency Directicn Finding (HFDF) capability that assists in the mcnitcring cf Iranian military threats tc KSA. Middle Eastl'Africa (M and Ccunterterrcrism (CT) Prcduct Lines prcvide threat warning against terrcrist targets and targets cf interest tc the KSA, speci?cally, intelligence related tc Huthi ccn?icts alcng the Saudif?i?emen bcrder. (TSHSIHREL TD USA, SAU) On 11 December 2012, the Directcr cf Naticnal Intelligence (DNI) eapansicn cf NSA's Third Party SIGINT relaticnship with Saudi Arabia tc include the Saudi Ministry cf lntericr?s (MIDI) Technical Affairs Directcrate (TAD). Pricr tc receiving DNl?s cf the relaticnship and under the auspices cf ClA?s relaticnship with the MDl?s Mabahith (General Directcrate lnvestigaticns, equivalent tc FBI), NSA had been ccllabcrating with TAD since February 2011 en a sensitive access initiative. This capability is fccused an internal security and terrcrist activity an the Arabian Peninsula. ?Wlth the cfthe Third Party SIGINT relaticnship, NSAICSS intends tc prcvide direct analytic and technical tc TAD. TD USA, Lastly, using the Fcreign Release Prccess, NSAICSS shares threat warning and terrcrist lead aticn prcduced by the Ccunterterrcrism Prcduct Line with the CIA Staticn in Riyadh tc pass tc ClA's intelligence partner the KSA Ministry cf lntericr Directcrate cf lnvestigaticns, Mabahith. Derived Frcm: NSAICSSM 1-52 Dated: 20130403 Declassify Dn: 20330403 TOP

TOP ECR ETHSIHNO FORM (U) Key Issues (TSHSIHREL TO USA, FMEY) MOD RRD is interested in expanding the relatibnship with NSAICSS. The MOD RRD seeks signals analysis equipment upgrades, bapabilities and adyanbed training bn a wide range bf tbpibs. While NSAICSS is able tb tb many bf their requests, sbme must be denied due tb the fabt that they plabe sensitiye SIGINT equities at risk. (TSHSIHN F) NSAICSS leadership anticipates a spring 2013 yisit tb Saudi Arabia tb meet with TAD leadership tb disbuss burrent and future initiatiyes bf mutual interest under the new relatibnship primary gbals the partnership are: 1) (SHSIHREL TO USA, tb leyerage Saudi Arabia's strategib lbbatibn and unique abbess tb bbmmunibatibns - e.g. al-Oa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AOAP) terrbrist abtiyity burrently accessible by ether means, and 2) (TSHSIHR EL TO USA, SAU) tb fabilitate the Saudi gbyernment's ability tb utilize SIGINT tb lbbate and trabk indiyiduals bf mutual interest within Saudi Arabia. (U) What NSA Prbyides tb Partner TO USA, SAU) NSAICSS prbyides tebhnibal adyibe bn SIGINT tbpibs such as data eaplbitatibn and target deyelbpm ent tb TAD as well as a sensitive sburbe bbllebtibn bapability. (SHSIHREL TO USA, SAU) NSAICSS prbyides a sensitive seryibe tb the Ministry bf Interibr against terrbrist targets bf mutual interest. (U) What Partner Prbyides tb NSA (SHSIHREL TO USA, SAU) NSA leyerages MOD RRD abbess tb rem bte gebgraphy in the Arabian Gulfbut prbyides nb ?nished SIGINT repbrting tb NSAICSS, hbweyer; they have prbyided bbllebtibn against the IRGC Maritime Fbrbe targets bf mutual interest their bbllebtibn system- (SHSIHREL TO USA, SAU) TAD prbyides sensitiye abbess tb unique bbllectibn bbntaining AOAP terrbrist targets bfmutual interest. Deriyed Frbm: NSAICSSM 1-52 Dated: 20130403 Deblassify On: 20330403 TOP SECRETHSIHNOFORN

TOP 8 EUR ETHSIHNO FORM (U) Success Steries (SIESIHREL TO USA, SAU) with TAD en a sensitiye access has early premise in prcducing SIGINT cfyalue tc the CT prcduct line. (SHSIHREL TO USA, SAU) A mcderniaed HFDF senscr and HFDF antenna system was installed in September 2012 at a MOD RRD lccaticn new Riyadh. This FDF system replaces a legacy senscr that has been incperable fer an extended pericd cftime and will signi?cantly regicnal HFDF architecture. (SHSIHREL TO USA, MOD RRD a Quick Reacticn Ca abilit the in the Arabian Gulf in tc a pctential threat IRGC OO DS Maritime Fcrce. A sustained ccllecticn is planned ent in May 2013. (U) with the Partner (SHSIHREL TO USA, FUEY) The MOD RRD wculd like tc mcye expediticusly in their mcderniaaticn tc include the acquisiticn cf additicnal SIGINT capabilities. NSAICSS is cauticusly mcying fcrward with this partner and is net necessarily ready tc mcye fcrward with initiatives that expcse sensitiye NSAICSS SIGINT equities. This difference in strategic directicn will scmetimes be atic and cause tensicn within the partnership. NSAICSS has agreed tc ccllecticn cperaticns in Saudi Arabia with Chief cf Staticn cf Riyadh in an tc prctect unilateral HUMINT assets scrutiny. (TSHSIHNF) NSAICSS dces expect the new relaticnship with TAD tc usurp cr negatively impact existing relaticnship with the Ministry cf Defense Fiadic Fieccnnaissance Department (MOD as MOD dces have similar access tc internal Saudi teleccmmunicaticns. (SHREL TO use, FUEY) Prepared by: Saudi Arabian Desk Of?cer Fcreign Affairs Directcrate, NSAICSS NSTS Deriyed Frcm: 1-52 Dated: 20130403 Declassify On: 20330403 TOP SECRETHSIHNOFORN

TOP 8 ECR ETHSIHNO FDRN Derived Frum: 1-52 Dated: 20130403 Declassif}; On: 20380408 TOP SECRETHSIHNOFDRN

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