CNO Core Secrets Security Structure

Oct. 10 2014 — 11:02p.m.


TOP SEN TRY EA GLE National Initiative Security Framework - lnforrnatlon Released to the CNO Pub?c CORE SECRETS - ECIISAP I Information Released to US. Government US. Industry U.S. Academia Selected Foreign Governments Information Released to selected - 0.8. Government and foreign - Governments 5-eyes) - Information Released to very select u.s. Government Individuals CONFI TIAL DERIVED FROM: Manual 1-52. Dated: 20041123. Dedassify On: 20291123 TOP (T This slide depicts the theoretical construct for a national security framework. 8. The black area depicts a small set of facts that will need special protection at the Exceptionally Controlled Information (ECI) (NSA) and Special Access Program (SAP) for the rest of the Executive Branch. Normally. these ECIISAP facts will remain within each Department/Agency and will represent Computer Network Operations (CNO) Core Secrets. b. The red (Top Secret). orange (Secret) and yellow (Con?dential) areas depict a set of facts that will be shared amongst National Initiative elements. General facts related to the National Initiative should be kept at these classification levels in order to facilitate maximum information sharing amongst all National Initiative elements (U.S. and foreign governments). c. The blue (Unclassi?ed/For Official Use Only) area depicts a set of facts and operational results that will be shared/released to US. and foreign governments. State and Local governments. industry and academia related to the National Initiative. d. The green (Unclassified) area depicts a set of facts and operational results that will be shared/released to the public. Normal View Slide 1 of 3 116%

TOP SECRET SENTRY-EAG LE (National Initiative Program) (Non-Special Access Program) *May contain special access programs DERIVED FROM: Manual 1-52. Dated: 20041123. 9W 20291123 mp This slide depicts the overarching (umbrella) program Sentry Eagle. Which is envisioned to be the program name for the National Initiative. The Sentry Eagle program and its facts will be general TS and below information about the program that could be readily shared with appropriately cleared individuals. The Sentry Eagle program would not contain ECI or SAP information. The red. gold and blue boxes depict the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Department of Defense (DOD) and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) sub?programs of Sentry Eagle that will contain specific Department] Agency facts related only to that Department/Agency. These sub-programs may contain SAP information and will only be shared on a 'need to know' basis with other Departments/Agencies. Slide20f3 116% NormalView

TOP COMINT NOTORN SENTRY EAGLE-NSA (NSA Portion of National Initiative) SENTRY SENTRY FALCON - ECI a ?3 SENTRY OSPREY - ECI SENTRY CONDOR - ECI NSAICSS Va'lual 1-52. Dated: 20041123. 20291123 TOP SliCRliT (?oxuxr ?"is slice dep the port on of toe Nationa In ative Seot'y Eagle. Current NSA env sions seven sets of facts. General facts re ated to ro ei'operatio"sroarticioatio" (cep cted in the recforangei'yel owib uei'g'een box TS anc oelow info'rnat on). anc Exceptional Contro lec Infor'nat on sets (Sentry Haw-r [Corrpute' Network Exploitation) Falcon (Co'nouter Network Defense) Osprey [Human Intel igence enab ed SIGINT): Rave" (Exolo tat on of Condor (General Cort?puter Network Operations}: and Owl (Relationsh ps with Indest'y). lxormal View Slide 3 of 3 116%

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