NSA/GCHQ/CSEC Network Tradecraft Advancement Team (2010)

Dec. 4 2014 — 11:50a.m.


Network Tradecraft Advancement Team (NTAT) 3G  2nd SCAMP at CSEC process                  Worked with CSEC H3 developers to implement IRASCIABLE RABBIT into OLYMPIA Developed 41 use cases Developed 10 new working aids Identified 3 new QFDs Research conducted on GRX operators over VPN (QFD: IRASCIABLE HARE) Progressed IR21 sharing and analysis Explored other GSMA Association for network intelligence Progressed signalling over IP analysis (QFD: BOLSHIE POSSUM) MNO EEI target template in development Identified training scenario Conducted real-world training scenario Tied together target analysis to network analysis process Use cases and working aids follow a layered template Research conducted on clearing house operators – identified key documentation and selectors Explored the usefulness of IR21 processing – decided against this Integrated TOYGRIPPE analysis into OLYMPIA Streamlined identification of VPNs of interest for crypt analysis http:// TOP SECRET//COMINT//REL TO USA, FVEY//20320108 29

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