OPULENT PUP encryption attack

Dec. 4 2014 — 11:41a.m.


TOP SECRET STRAF1 TALIE .2 Test-E. F1-ar' 1E All! attack 3.-Ei.1 Sccpe 15 September EEI-DEI Tc- successfullyr presecute Aft-'3 encipherecl air?interface intercept requires changes te each part cf the current ASH processing chain. This is a new requirement and has the ccu'ername cut DPLILEHT PUP. 1-5.2 Requirements 5. Acceptance Criteria FIFE Icienlilier Acceptance Criteria are: 'T'rial attack hardware Hesalidatecl IA for DPULAHT FIFE ST1BEEI Hetes

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