NSA Extended Enterprise Report – July 2008

Apr. 2 2015 — 2:55p.m.


TOP SECRETHREL T0 USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, Extended Entergrise Report: July 2008 This document summarises key activities of interest to GCHQ at the NSA Regional Centers (Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, and Texas) for June 2008. It also includes key highlights from NSA Washington. 5. New Collection Opportunities 5.4 Site hosted visit Latin America SD analyst, and GCHQ integree in and SSG at Fort Meade. spent a week in meetings and discussions with anal and managers from all parts of SID with an emphasis on SSG, but including 31, 82. S3 and NTOC. had a number of briefings on Latin America. Although GCHQ's primary interest in the region is Argentina, there are UK requirements for intelligence against Venezuela and Colombia as will, both of which are worked at Texas. - DIR was able to brief on GCHQ's Latin America perspective, and had useful visits with 82A and 32F. He also met the S1 SOUTHCOM customer relationship manager, and both - and - discussed Latin America coEIection posture with the local CSRC and with 83 leadership. They also met NTOC leadership to discuss NTOC Texas? role against targets in Latin America and further afield. Texas

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