Drowning In Information

May. 28 2015 — 5:21p.m.


(U) Op-ed: Leave Bright Pebbles, Net Breadcrumbs, fer These Ceming After Yeu FROM: Chinese VeicefGraphic Language Analyst Run Date: D9f24f2?l? (UKKFDUD) Editer's nete: In this ep-ed piece, _prevides seme theughts en the need te decument and share what we knew. (U) emeunt efsignel-te-neise that peeple have te sift. (UKKFDUD) This quete appeared en Tapieca recently. It caught my attentien because we are drewning in infermatien. And yet we knew nething. Fer sure. (U) Anyene knew just hew many teels are available at the Agency, alene? Weuld yeu knew where te ge te find eut? (U) Anyene ever start a new target er a new language er IA [Intelligence Analysis] teurfinternship witheut the first clue where te begin? Did yeu ever start a preject wendering if yeu were the sele persen in the Intelligence Cemmunity te werk this preject? Hew weuld yeu find eut? (UKKFDUD) Hew abeut vecabulary er target knewledge? What if yeur management feels that linguists are fungible assets te be meved areund where necessary, target eap ertise and ef knewledge be damned? (UKKFDUCI) Let us assume that yeu might knew a few places te leek: Werdscape, er a relevant Classified wiki page en the Agency's netwerks er even -- gasp -- the Target Knewledge Base (TKB). (UHFCIUD) Here is where the nightmare begins: What if the infermatien yeu se desperately seek is net there? De yeu keep turning te yeur pedmates (whe might alse be new te the jeb) er te yeur menter er te the "target guru" in yeur Preduct Line (whe might net be willing te help yeu after the 2?th time)? Let us centinue with the nightmare: The infermatien is net available because ne ene put it there. wiki, ne Werdscape entry, nething in TKB. Why? (UKKFDUCI) Here are seme "reasens": 1. "Our branch Chief leeked at it and determined it was net user-friendly. Se we'll centinue te use eur Excel spreadsheets." 2. have way tee much werk te de te feed TKB all day. I might send areund mass emails, hewever." 3. keep my vecab en a flat file."

4. "We're allnwed tn gn tn nr anything nn let-Space." WREL) Result: Ynu're nut nf luck: 1. The phnne number nr name ynu're lnnking is in TKB. Never mind the lack nf any attachments nr extra even if the phnne number dnes happen tn return as "entered." 2. The vneabulary item [English nr target language) is in e. And ynu sweet-fanny- all abnut nuelear pnwer. 3. Ynu never find nut that, nn A-Spaee, there are grnups nf target experts ehamping at the bit tn share their expertise. And have pnsted answered questinns, set up and even "tagged" key items. I is imperative we begin sharing -- permanently -- what we knnw. The days nf shnwing up at NSA, np ening ynur desk drawer, and then lneking up that very drawer years later -- are gnne. The days nf tnurs, internships, "fungible asset" are the new rule. Ema?, sn new tn snme nf us nver 2U years agn -- is viewed as quaint. What can ynu dn, right nnw, nn ynur nwn, tn leave bright pebbles rather than breaderumbs thnse Simple: - Start pnpulating a database near ynu: TKB, - Dnn't anything abnut "Gn Firefly" and the TKB penple are willing tn enme right tn ynur desk. - e: type "wi [takes ynu tn the wiki page - There are links tn varinus language dietinnaries ynu can start pnpulating! Tnday! - Start a .TnurnalNSA blng: Share ynur expertise. Engage with nther - Create a wiki page ynur area nf expertise. - Visit a way tn dump ynur sites and tag them sn nthers can just click tn find the that has been helpful tn ynu. - Start visiting A-Spaee. Jnin snme grnups. Answer questinns ynur IE partners In Dnn't let thnse enming behind ynu suffer the way ynu have. Have thnughts nn this tnpie? them nn the Blng. Cnmments nn the article itself can be submitted using the abnut this article" buttnn belnw.

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