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TECA Product Centre - GCWiki 1 of 4 TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT The maximum classification allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT. Click to report inappropriate content. For GCWiki help contact: webteam RUSSETT 36525. Support page TECA Product Centre From GCWiki Jump to: navigation, search UnClassified Image Logo: Initials Smallest TECA Mission To develop and exploit opportunities to provide valued intelligence or enable future SIGINT access through covert technical channels and / or physical access. TECA TECAPC Access TECAPC Crypt TECAPC Mobile TECAPC Specialist Facilities TECA Objectives The Technical Enabling Covert Access Product Centre (TECA) is a product centre within TEA that develops a range of specialist technologies designed to bridge the gaps to communications that our conventional accesses cannot reach. We work very closely with SIS on technical operations for GCHQ requirements, providing technical solutions and, in most cases, the staff with the skills to deploy and operate such equipment covertly in the field. The Product Centre delivers primarily to MTI/aCNO requirements but also supports certain SSMO and PCS activities. TECA divides its

TECA Product Centre - GCWiki 2 of 4 organisation into 4 outcomes based on these requirements:TECA Access TECA Crypt TECA Mobile TECA Specialist Facilities The TECA Leadership Team can be found on TECA Web Pages TECA Access - TECA Access / Capability TECA Mobile - TECA Mobile Exploitation TECA SF - TECA Specialist Facilities Key Services SYRINGE PORRIDGE (STAIN / VAGRANT) HELMAGE Media Copying Capability Deployment, (often using bespoke techniques and devices) Surveys, PCS/GSM, WIFI, Radio Exploiting, PCS/GSM, WIFI, Radio Enabling more usual forms of access (such as CNO) IMSI grabbing Other forms of covert access The Reverse Engineering team, as well as being involved in producing the above products, provides security product diagnostic information to GCHQ and other customers. The TECA Special Facilities team, as well as being involved in producing the above products, provide rapid prototyping and production of devices for GCHQ and other customers. The TECA Ops team, as well as being involved in deploying the above products, are a seconded SIS Tech OP team ready to deploy World wide on technical operations.

TECA Product Centre - GCWiki 3 of 4 Whilst TECA manages a portfolio of products, it does not offer them directly for customer use - the delivery of our specialist requirements usually requires a combination of sensitive deployments, hardware and/or software as well as data management services. TECA provides a bespoke mangaged service that combines all necessary elements to deliver the required access to the customer. Requesting Services To submit stakeholder requests for work to be carried out by TECA please fill in the Project / Product Centre Stakeholder Request Form: Project / Product Centre Stakeholder Request and select Technical Enabling and Covert Access (TECA) in the Recipient Name Field from the drop-down list at the foot of the form. You are encouraged to discuss with TECA before submitting a form in order to ensure your requirements are understood and that they are conveyed on the form. Retrieved from "https://wiki. Category: Product Centres Views Page Discussion Edit History Delete Move Watch Additional Statistics Personal tools [email protected] My talk My preferences My watchlist .php/TECA_Product_Centre"

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