200G IRIS Access

Sep. 25 2015 — 9:00a.m.


Supporting Internet Operations Supporting Internet Operations Special Source Access TOP SECRET STRAP1

Supporting Internet Operations 15 mins to cover: – What does the environment look like – What does the SSE Roadmap tell us: • Current posture • ..and where do we want to be – Where are we now – Access plans for FY 10/11 TOP SECRET STRAP1 22

Supporting Internet Operations Old Cable Map Moving target: • More bandwidth being lit on existing cable systems • Several new cable systems being introduced (just in 2010). • As per SSE Roadmap, we need to maintain our investment in the access footprint in order to keep up. SECRET TOPTOP SECRET STRAP1 STRAP 1 33

1. This is a view of the commercial cable systems transiting the UK. There are around 1600 available 10Gs within these cables. 2. This is 25% of all internet traffic 3. Although the total percentage processed may seem in the lower percentile range we can actually survey the majority of the 1600. 4. This allows us to select the most valuable to switch into our processing systems. 5. Advancing techniques will allow a greater rate of processing by using targeted techniques (bulk presence events and TIPC). 3

Supporting Internet Operations Current Capability • Following the efforts made for the July deliverable, and the progress being made towards the 100 March 2010 target, GCHQs current 10G SSE capability is: – We can intercept/touch: ~800x 10Gs (See note #1) – We can cyclic survey: 188 – We can egress to GCHQ processing: 87 (See note #2) • In addition we are working with GERONTIC to agree an IRU which will enable a significant reduction in annual running costs (~£2M saving p.a), along with a further 10x 10G egress. Note #1. Does not include CIRCUIT/WAYGOOD Note #2. HIASCO access/egress to Bude complete – awaiting extra ARCANO egress TOP SECRET STRAP1 44

Supporting Internet Operations 800 700 600 SSE Roadmap / Future Capability 500 400 10Gs 300 200 100 0 Now 2010 2011 2012 2012+ • The SSE Roadmap is still valid though needs re-visiting to update/validate the recommended intercept and egress expansion. • Along with TEA and SRT (and ECB) we are developing new relationships to expand our access footprint, to bring the number of 10G bearers: – Intercepted by Mar 2011 to: 1513 (or there abouts…) (+70 if we include CIRCUIT/WG) – Egressed to GCHQ processing systems by Mar 2011 to: 415 Eagle eyed will have noticed that this doesn’t align with the projected processing and storage profile. TOP SECRET STRAP1 55

Supporting Internet Operations 800 700 600 SINO Access Plans for 2010 500 400 10Gs 300 200 100 0 Now HIASCO New! PINNAGE Site 12x 10G egress Accesses ODF 2012 2012+ Plane PROVE LTC ?x 10Gs New! New! 2011 Other Existing More! New! 2010 Another Site BUDE CHELTENHAM ODF Investigation 150 i/p 4x 10G egress each 80 i/p New! New! Extra 10x 10G egress ?x 10Gs New! ARCANO GRASP SOSTRUM LITTLE Site VISAGE New! KENNINGTON – 224x 10Gs TOP SECRET STRAP1 66

Supporting Internet Operations 800 700 600 SINO Access: Where are we 500 400 10Gs 300 200 100 0 Now 2010 2011 2012 2012+ • 10 x 10G from HIASCO now available at Bude: awaiting DEBIT CARD commissioning to process • 8 out of 10 additional ARCANO bearers for Bude - on track for March 2010 • KENNINGTON agreement complete to enable increased SOSTRUM, GRASP and VISAGE access and egress • PLANE & PROVE sites available: • OSDS: £42k/strand £30k/strand – Egress comms from PROVE to Cheltenham will be in place by March 2010 (PLANE to follow) – Initial capability planned for March includes KEA, SD and FKB – Bude OSDS IOC’s today (capability now – 150*) – Cheltenham OSDS upgraded December (capability now - 78) • New relationships and access – PINNAGE and LITTLE progressing but no dates yet. • Assessment of potential RPC-2 (and 3/4) sites underway * expandable to 300 TOP SECRET STRAP1 77

Supporting Internet Operations Questions? TOP SECRET STRAP1

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