Special Source Operations Weekly – 18 April 2013

Aug. 10 2016 — 4:07p.m.



UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY The overall classification of this briefing is: TOP SECRET //SI//ORCON/NOFORN Approval for dissemination of information contained in this briefing, in whole or in part, is required. DERIVED FROM: NSA/CSSM 1·52 DATE D: 20070108 DECLASSI FY ON: 20360901 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN T---~ t ~-- - ----~ -I • porting CBW-related Res • Between January and March 2013 , S2G12's Iran Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) team issued five sole-source (PRISM) reports • Consisted of scient ific research papers detailing activities conducted at Iran's Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Baghyatollah Medical Sciences University • Both universities , which are suspected of being linked to Iranian CBW prog rams • Highlighting Iran's human trials resea rch involving patients exposed to organophos phorous (OP) compounds in pesticides and development of treatment creams • Could also be used in the event of OP nerve agent exposure . TOP SECRET//SI//NOFORN (TS// SI// RELTO USA, FVEY)Between J an uary and March 2013 , S2G12's Iran ChQlllical and Biological Warfan~ (CBW)tQam issugd 5 rQJ)Orts, all solg-sourcQd to FAAtraffic , which consistQd of scignt ific rQSQarchpapgrs dgtailing activitigs conductQd at Iran 's TQhran Univgrsity of MQdical Scigncgs and Baghyato llah MQ<licalScigncgs Univgrsity. Rgporting on thQSQtwo univgrsit igs , which a rg suspgctQd of bging linkgd to Iranian CBWprograms , highlightQd Iran 's human tria ls rQSQarchinvolving patignts gxposQd to organophospho rous (OP) compounds in pgsticidgs and dgvg lopmgnt of t rQatmgnt crQams · rgsgarch act ivitigs tha t could a lso bQ USQdin thQ QVQntof OP ngrvg aggnt gxposu rQ. This typg of informa tion enabled IC customel's, such as NCMI(Nalional Centel' fol' Medical Intelligence) and NGIC(Nalional Gl'Ound In telligence Center) , to assess the types of medical countermeaslll'es being den lop ed by Ir an, as well as IJ"an's ability to l'espond to and p rotect against CBW thl'eats. (BasQd on 3/ 00 / 501828-13, 3/ 00 / 505615-13, 3/ 00 / 50n57 -13, 3/ 00 / 50n63 -13, and 3/ 00 / 50n68-13 .)

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