Menwith databases as of Aug 2008

Sep. 6 2016 — 9:05a.m.


(C) MHS Database Access In Support of SID MENA Missions as of 14 Aug 08 (U//FOUO) The following four S2E missions are worked at MHS and are posted on the Mission Correlation Table. None of these missions are NOFORN missions. (C) U.S. personnel using the SIGINT Contact Center (SCC) process to obtain DB access receive NOFORN data automatically. FYI: S2E has not considered whether it would be advisable for 2P integrees at MHS to have NOFORN access for these missions. (S) Language Branch: Arab Team (Arabian Peninsula, Levant and Iraq) ASSOCIATION, DISHFIRE, HOMEBASE GEO, MAINWAY, NUCLEON, PINWALE, SPOTBEAM, XKEYSCORE (S//SI) Language Branch: ( Afghanistan and Digital Network Intelligence focused on Iranian telecommunications) DISHFIRE, MAINWAY, NUCLEON, PINWALE, XKEYSCORE (U//FOUO) Target Development Branch: (SIGDEV, CSAR) ASSOCIATION, BANYAN, BROOMSTICK, CULTWEAVE II, DISHFIRE, HOMEBASE GEO, MAINWAY, MARINA, PINWALE, SPOTBEAM, TRAFFICTHIEF, XKEYSCORE (S//SI) SIGDEV and Military Targets: ASSOCIATION, BANYAN, CULTWEAVE II, DISHFIRE, FASCIA, HOMEBASE GEO, MAINWAY, MARINA, OCTSKYWARD, NUCLEON, PINWALE, ROADBED, SPOTBEAM, TRAFFICTHIEF, TUNNINGFORK, XKEYSCORE (U//FOUO) (Note: Banyan, Dishfire and Mainway contain NOFORN data) (U//FOUO) MHS analysts may apply directly for additional DBs/tools without going through the SCC process. Some of these include: AGILITY, CADENCE, CONTRAOCTAVE, GAMUT/UTT, NKB, OCTAVE, PUZZLECUBE, TKB

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