Medusa weekly status report

Oct. 23 2016 — 8:24a.m.


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Report Date Project Name Endace Probe Overall Project Health date Previous Status Project Code: Project Manager: Sponsor: Owner: Technical owner Project Stage: Execution Financial Red Financial -1 week Red -2 weeks Amber Schedule -3 weeks Green Project Scope Summary Typicaly a high level extraction of the PRD Dependencies Micro- OSM Dependants ?? Financial Status What does Endace require & what information is available Executive Summary of Overall Project Status Project is underway with a risk of not being able to deliver all functionality in the current targeted time frame Milestone Summary Delivery Dates % Original Revised Forecast Complet e Date Date Date Key Milestones Planned Planned Planned if changed if changed if changed PM forecast PM forecast PM forecast RAG Status Comments on Red / Amber Status or slipped deliveries Complete Green Amber Planned Planned Planned Planned if PM Complete changed forecast if PM Amber changed forecast if PM Red changed forecast if PM Complete changed forecast Racking locations have been finalised & cabling is either completed or underway New networking equipment has been identified & ordered - eta 3 weeks - will need to work around this Not Planned and acheved Assumptions Proposed & Agreed Change Requests Planned for next period Build of the Unity product is now to be delivered on physical servers (not on virtual Critical Issues Issue # Issue Owner Issue I-001 I-002 I-003 Urgency Impact Issue Rating Immediat Moderate e Immediat Moderate e ShowImmediat stopper e Low Medium High Likelihoo Potentia d l Impact Risk Rating Actions Mitigatio n Owner Name of Engineer Line manager Name of Engineer Critical Risks Risk # Risk Risk Owner Urgency R-001 Immediate Highly Likely Critical R-002 When Possible Immediate Probable Low Probable Showstopper Critical ASAP Probable Critical Medium Medium R-003 R-004 High Mitigating Actions Mitigatio n Owner Name of product owner Name of Engineer Stakeholde rLine manager

Summary traffic light Financial Green Financial Amber Financial Red Schedule Green Schedule Amber Schedule Red Risk Green Risk Amber Risk Red

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