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TOP SECRET COMINT The maximum allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET COMINT. Click to For GCWiki help contact: TWO FACE From GCWiki (Redirected from Jump to: Logon to PALANTIR OPERATIONAL Logon to PALANTIR REF Logon to Logon to Logon to Logon to Logon to Contents Vision "To Drive forwards the mission for effective Analysis and Knowledge use for Cyber Defence by providing more ef?cient complex analysis and sharing of knowledge

[edit] Targets Next Deliveries will be: 1. 2. 3. 4. Automation of XKS importer Improve flexible importing of data Improved QFD Helpers (in no order): AutoAssoc / Social Anthropoid / Infinite Monkeys / Karma Police. Improve UI performance and look and feel [edit] 5 Eyes Collaboration CD Target DSD Palantir DSD-GCHQ Palantir Tests SE diagram of the GCHQ - DSD Palantir Link up Cyber Defence Targeting [edit] Documents See Palantir Documents or Online Instance [edit] How to Guides ... These are now starting to be generated so ideas are gratefully received. 1. Getting started 1. How do I...Get Started in Palantir 2. How do I...Use the different entities in Palantir 3. How do I...Get the accounts I need and set up a development environment (DISCOVER link) 2. Importing X-KEYSCORE into Palantir 1. How do I...Get Data from XKS in Palantir 2. How do I...Select an XKS profile for importing my data 3. How do I...Start an XKS search from Palantir 4. How do I...Find which end is the server in Palantir NEW 3. Working with data from QFDs 1. How do I...Run Sam Pepys queries in Palantir 2. How do I...Run HrMap queries in Palantir 3. How do I...Run Mutant Broth queries in Palantir 4. How do I...Associate Mutant Broth Presence Events with HRMap Request events in Palantir 4. Working with the Graph view 1. How do I...See an auto preview of a document or object properties? NEW 2. How do I...Label objects with additional Properties using Bulk Object Editor NEW 3. How do I...View lists of objects NEW 4. How do I...View lists of objects with a given type or Property IN PROGRESS 5. How do I...Change object type NEW 6. How do I...Work with large groups in Palantir 7. How do I...Rapidly find specific Properties in the Histogram IN PROGRESS 5. Publishing Data 1. How do I...Publish in Palantir NEW 6. Find and view data within Palantir 1. How do I...Find the Signatures in Palantir 2. How do I...Use RT Tickets In Palantir 3. How do I...Use the Histogram to filter events in Palantir 4. How do I...Get a different view on existing events data in Palantir 5. How do I...Rapidly view large numbers of events in the Browser NEW 7. Searching 1. How do I...Run a bulk search 8. Miscellaneous 1. How do I...Run bulk operations over my objects in Palantir 2. How do I...Copy data from Palantir into Excel or Word NEW

[edit] Overview This page details the datasources currently available within Palantir as well as other sources of data that are currently in development or planned. For current integration status, see the RTC project for TO120/144 Note that this page lists sources of data rather than helpers. For example, GEOFUSION HACIENDA and FOXTRAIL are all accessible through the same helper within Palantir. [edit] Current datasources Datasource CROUCHING SQUIRREL HALTER HITCH GEOFUSION HACIENDA FOXTRAIL Import method Under development? Deployed to PIT? Deployed to OP? Auto-resync No No Yes Auto-resync Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes GORDIAN KNOT Analyst-driven helper No No No XKEYSCORE SAMUEL PEPYS MUGSHOT RAPID TAPIR NTOC reports FIVE ALIVE GOOGLE FUSION Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper Manual import by analysts Analyst-driven helper Tiles for map application Analyst driven external webpage No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Auto-Resync No Yes Yes Analyst-driven helper Analyst-driven helper Auto-resync Analyst-driven helper Tiles for map application Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes TO144-Notepit Open source malware info INTEGER SPIN HRMAP NDIST RT MUTANT BROTH OpenStreetMap Notes GK Broke their PKI somehow; requires investigation Deployment awaiting data owner OK Automation to be investigated Too highly classified for PIT Too highly classified for PIT Too highly classified for PIT [edit] Planned datasources Datasource Notes DEAD SEA API needs investigation MOONRAKER/OBERON Raptorable datasource Open source data TO144 open source data. Some integration work done. 8ball Analytic value needs investigation. Some initial scripts written, not deployed anywhere Global Surge Highly nocon. Something to pass across to in TDB? DISCOVER Lots of politics required Oberon Required for EPR. Needs further discussion with legal/policy [edit] Project Details [edit] Ontology [1] [edit] Contacts

Senior User: SE Lead: PM: Data Owner: Business Change: Training Training is currently offered as 1-2-1 desk based training with a Palantir trainer. This gives you the opportunity to quickly apply Palantir to your current work task. If you would like to ?nd out more about training please contact? Task As part of the Cyber Defence Theme, the strand that was searching for a Knowledge Storage tool. The results of the ?rst part of this strand will be published shortly. As part of this process we determined that we really needed a bit of a kick forward in the technology we use. It was decided to trial to see What this could do for the business, and more speci?cally the Cyber Defence Mission. There is part of this strand to understand the gaps in our toolset. (more information here next week) This page will develop fairly rapidly as we understand how we use the tool. Ontology comes ?rst! (hence it takes up most of this page) User Base The User base is speci?cally for CD0 and CDL. The Ontology, the data sources, the focus is purely for the Cyber Defence/Network Defence remit. The operationally used version will be locked via PKI to these individuals. However, the development section will have a wider audience. There will be access for people wider than NDIST to help build the understanding throughout the organisation. Logon Logon site is: Ontology Needs more Or a link. Requests and new requirements Please email for any new requests or requirements. Also worth contacting the Palantir SU to explain the context and importnace of request. Present Ontology So as many of the now can access the tool themselves, removing the duplication of having the ontology on the wiki. Quick Questions This is a quick set of notes on things I get asked a lot: Is there an IM channel for us to chat informally? yes There is a related to this topic: palantir - palantir-gchq User informal chat) Are people outside NDIST going to get Palantir? That's a question being answered by Transforming Analysis' project. However, we're helping them by providing access to our

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