Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-11-13

Jun. 3 2017 — 3:24p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS The Highlights Approximately 250 protestors rallied at the I'v'Iandan equipment yard and harassed a white work truck they wrongly assumed was a DAPLvehicle as it drove through the crowd. LE eventually cleared the protestors without further incident. In IA, continued observation of the Des Moines River HDD site as they seek opportunities for preventing the pipe from being pulled. Bold Iowa staged a protest at the Indian Creek HDD that LE quickly neutralized. groups in ND, IA, and lLare indicating there may be substantial protest activity directed at Army Corps of Engineer offices and others on the November 15th ?Day of Action?. The Details 1. EXECUTIVE SU MARY A. North Dakota Intel Update TigerSwan a. Reporting indicates that local residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the illegal actions of the protesters as well as the actions taken by out of state agitators. Most locals are now carrying weapons to protect themselves, their families and their property. They have also expressed their frustration with what they see as a lack of action by local law enforcement. . The Solidarity website has an updated list of primary targets, secondary targets, and police agencies that people can protest to su pport the protesters. Protesters are calling for a worldwide ceremony on November 14th at sunset asking for everyone to go to their nearest body of water (ocean, river, stream, lake} as one and "send love?. 3,000 people have stated they will do so. . A massive day of action is planned on November 15th to demand the Federal government and the Army Corps prevent the completion of the pipeline. Protesters plan to protest the US. Army Corp of Engineers in Bismarck, ND. Ladonna Allard released an updated list of expenses for the camps and how the GoFundIvIe account is being spent. They have raised over $1.5million with the account. Past 24 Hours a. b. Continued to reinforce HDD sites and the perimeter of the Meyer property. Increased security posture by assigning another security team to the Michels ?r?ard roving patrols for valve sites, security teams to work crews on ROW, and emplacing wire around valve sites. Wire is complete at valves located at AR113 and AR119. Protesters formed a 135-vehicle convoy and drove to the Mandan ?fard to protest with 250 people. LE responded and cleared the Mandan ?r?ard. Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS Next 24 Hou rs a. Tensions will remain high as DAPL workers continue efforts on the ROW by the HDD sites. b. Maintain static security efforts around Fortress Forward. c. Continue to reinforce HDD site {west} and perimeter of the Meyer property. d. Continue to reinforce HDD site (east). e. Parallel planning continues with law enforcement to secure the HD D. Bridge on Hwy 1806 north of the camps will remain closed per law enforcement. B. Iowa i. Intel Update a. MS carayan fund is at 53,09? of their stated goal of $3,200 to make the trip to ND. It is unlikely at this point, however, that they will make the trip to ND while work is still going on in IA. MS protesters have previously indicated they do not want to work with the elders in ND and that they are afraid of ND LE. b. There will be a rally and press conference in Des Moines at the Neal Smith Federal Building on November 15th. c. Bold Iowa attempted a DA at the Indian Creek HDD site, but leaders Ed Fallon and Heather Pearson indicated they simply do not have the numbers in their group for effective actions. Past 24 Hours a. MS members were in the woods by DSM Riyer HDD site last evening likely conducting reconnaissance of the work progress and strength of security forces. Noises heard by the guard indicate the protesters were possibly using a drone. b. Secured the Des Moines Riyer HDD site ahead of the pending pipe pull {delayed multiple times due to drilling problems}. c. Secured the startup of the Indian Creek HDD workoyer site. Next 24 Hours a. Continue to adjust security between Des Moines Riyer HDD and Indian Creek HDD according to the threat. C. Illinois i. Intel Update a. people were estimated to be in attendance at the "Snake Dance and Rally? TigerSwan in Chicago. Organizations present included Black Liyes Matter Chicago, Anonymous, Red Warrior Camp, Trickster Gallery, yarious NODAPL organizations,, Palestinian American Power moyement, Veterans for Peace and a myriad of other organizations that all share the same ND DAPL sentiment. Goldtooth, a showcased speaker from ND, spoke to the crowd in what seemed like a recruiting effort for Stan ding Rock. Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. Fusion Cell identified one of the two unidentified subjects that conducted reconnaissance at several HDD sites vesterdav. The initial assessment is that her threat level as low. ii. Past 24 Hours a. Fusion Cell attended the ?Snake Dance and Rallv? in Chicago. The team observed the command and control structure of the organizations involved and collected data on new persons of interest. b. Monitored social media for anvr potential direct action in Spring?eld, IL. c. Surveillance camera ops continue Next 24 Hours a. Filter data related to ?Snake Dance and Rallv? along with completing an after- action report from our observations. b. Continue Surveillance camera ops. D. South Dakota i. Intel Update a. No significant intelligence relevant to SD to report. ii. Past 24 Hours a. Continued escort of electrician crews and staticlroving patrols with out incident. Next 24 Hours a. Secu ritvr will rove and maintain static posts. Electricians do not work on Sundavs so no escort operations are planned. b. The QRF will remain static to preserve fuel. 2. MEDIA UPDATE i. ?Th ousands march in anti-Trump protests in downtown Chicago for 4th dav? a. trumprmarch b. Summarv: NoDAPLgroups in Chicago joined a mainlyr anti-Trump rallyr in Chicago on November 12th. c. An alvsis: If the ant-Trump movement maintains momentum, the anti-DAPL movement mayr find svnergvr with their efforts across the to gain more media coverage. The new Trump administration mavr be hesitant to immediatelvr spend its limited public perception capital bv allowing the Armyr to approve the Missouri River easement if these protestors are still vocal come inauguration dav. ii. "Driver threatens crowd at DAPL protest? a. protestf351384850 b. Summarv: The driver of the white work truck at the lvlandan Yard brandished a pistol and threaten ed the protestors as he drove through the crowd. The TigerSwan Prepared for En ergvr Tran sfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS protestors did not appreciate being threaten ed or that the driver did not stop so he could be harassed. c. An alvsis: The protestors established the common perception that the driver was associated with the DAPL project even though he is actuallyr not affiliated with the project. The incident is a good exam ple of how the protestors control the narrative in the media in the absence of an effectual counter argument. Tigervaan Prepared for Energyr Transfer Partners 4

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