Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-11-18

Jun. 3 2017 — 3:25p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS The Highlights In North Dakota, the divide between Native and Non-Native groups continues to grow. The Red Warrior Group intends to stay in ND camps and continue direct actions, despite the tribe?s recent vote to remove them. In Iowa, Mississippi Stand leadership has endorsed the Red Warrior Group, opening up the possibility of these two groups working together in the future. The Details 1. EXECUTIVE SU MARY A. North Dakota i. Intel Update a. ?Defend Bisman? is a group of residents who disagree with the protesters a] Defend Bisman supports local law enforcement and DAPL workers b] Members continue to counter the protesters in Bismarck;r Mandan and update their members and LE of protester locations and activities b. Judge did not find probable cause for felony charges, because 139 individuals were charged in a single af?davit a] The affidavit alleges protesters at least implicitly agreed to set multiple fires throughout the day, thereby endangering law enforcement, firefighters and nearby pastureland b] South Central District Judge Feland was not convinced the prosecutors had made a case against each person c} ?This order should not be considered a criticism of their efforts or a suggestion the arrest in this matter was not appropriate," Feland wrote. c. Numerous posts on social media indicate a growing divide between Native and Non-Native groups in the camps. a] Natives appear to be the most vocal group expressing resentment again st Non-Native protesters d. Red Warrior Group intends to stay in the camps and continue direct-actions a) Some Standing Rock Sioux tribal members continue to support Red Warrior Group even after the tribe voted to ask them to leave camp b] Tribal members have implied that? took a bribe to make the motion to the tribal council ii. Past 24 Hours a. Construction was NOT interrupted by protester activities b. Continued to reinforce east side HDD site a] Triple strand of wire by river is 60% complete TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARV AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS to) wire is complete along the Hescos c. Continued to reinforce west side HDD site a) Thetrench along Hwy 1305 is complete, 6feet deep and 5 feet wide b) Wire is being installed on the southern berm by the pullback pipe c) Wire was installed along the base of the Hescos around the HDD site and in the trench aroundthe HDD site d. Protesters formed a SEE-vehicle convoy and traveled to Bismarck/Mandan a) Protested at two Wells Fargo Banks, The Federal Court House/Post Office, Burleigh County Court House, and the Morton County LEC o) protesters were arrested, 1 was charged with multiplefelonies Next 24 Hours a. Tensions are at an ALL time high as DAPL workers continue elforts on the ROW by the HDD sites h. Continue to reinforce HDD sites Parallel planning continues with law enforcement to secure the HDD sites a. Bridge on Hwy 1806 north of the camps will remain closed per law enforcement B. Iowa i. lntel Update a. MS endorses Red Warrior Camp a) MS made a PE post supporting Red Warrior Camp and endorsing direct actions after it was announced Standing Rock Elders voted to rem ove them from the camp b) posts "Wow what sickening spinelessness" about the elders' decision c) Significant because this directly ties MS with the Red Warrior Camp and opens up the possibility ofthe two groups working together in the future. statement about the elders further separates MSfrom the movement in ND o. All three MS members -- -- and-- who occupied the pipe had court today and requested a jury trial a) Pretrial hearings are 1 Dec at 0900 MS legal fund at $4,545. Donations are consistent. . and-- have court on 23 Nov . -- is from Washington D.C and most likely used to work for Oceana a) f. New POIS: Dr. Jan Flora from Iowa State University put up his house to bail- - and-- out o! jail a) Professor in Sociology Department: b) Identified as the previously Ul older man arrested with Bold Iowa attheir last BAT DAin Calhoun County romp TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS c) Source states house is out of state. Most likely somewhere in Kansas where they both used to and teach at Kansas State Uniyersity d} Wife is Dr. Corneila Flora Emeritus Distinguished Professor at Iowa State in Sociology Department: e} They haye written a book: .Ii'urair Communities: Legacy and Change 1. Floraz?dpx?081334505? f} Significant because Dr. Flora has ties to both Bold Iowa and MS and made a signi?cant contribution to bail out- and- g. {of has her own funding b} S3130 c) Significant because this may indicate she is now willing to risk arrest h. Alex Cohen and two other MS members attended the rally at Iowa Utility Board a} Eyent was hosted by Iowa CCI b} 31 total went according to FB page 1. ta b=discussion i. Bold Iowa continues to share anti-pipeline propaganda a] Supreme Court sides with landowners on unauthorized gas line su ryeys? 1. su surye j. Bold Iowa Members release court dates: a. Heath er Pearson has court on 15 Feb,? on 13Jan, Mahmud Fatil on 8 Feb ii. Past 24 Hours a. 1216- Blackjeep with 3 older men suryeilling DSM site b. 1303- 2 older men in red SUB suryeilling site DSM Riyer West Iowa c. 1315- Older male white suryeilling site DSM Riyer West d. 1430: Older male driying white truck slowly then stopped. Continued driying while glancing on both sides of the site B. Coordinated with the Boone County Sheriff?s Department oyer security concerns at the Des Moin es Riyer HDD and the transport of mud and cuttings to the dump site Next 24 Hours a. Coordinate with the Jasper County Sheriff?s Office on security of the Indian Creek HDD and share intel. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. Conducted Site Assessment for Security on the Indian Creek HDD C. Illinois i. Intel Update a. Known organizations and POIs continue to be monitored in an effort to predict any direct actions against the project within this AD. The Social Media Atmosph erics in the greater Springfield area continue to be active howeyer, no oyert actions against the project currently exist. Multiple orgs and POIs are extremely active in Chicago area. Multiple logistical functions are scheduled and will take place in the next week b. Th ere are few organization that have identi?ed that promote ANTIDAPL sentiment. ii. Past 24 Hours a. A continued effort to link PDIs and organizations to the ANTIDAPL moyement is ongoing. Multiple POIs continues to be identified. Bill McKibben and associates remain a focal point. Next 24 Hours a. Continue to proyide predictors for direct action in the IL AU. Effort to link well- funded organizations and POIs continues. All actiyityr within immediate project area will continue to be monitored D. South Dakota I. Intel Update a. No significant intelligence to report ii. Past 24 Hours a. One person arriyed from Iowa in order to cover down on the four who left on the 15th. b. PM moyed to Sioux Falls due to work moying to the southern part of the state. a] PM boxed the pipeline, checking all yalye sites and Iauncherlreceiyers, finding no issues. Next 24 Hours a. On Point personnel will continue to escort electricians where they are able to. b. A Winter Storm Warning is currently impacting the entire eastern portion of South Dakota. a] Over 6? of snow and ice are expected in portions of South Dakota, while winds will exceed 50 mph, causing extensiye drifting and mobility issues TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners

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