Food & Water Watch Letter to Attorney General

Jun. 29 2017 — 12:09a.m.


Fund a Water Watch - 1516 St. aw. State soo - no sense 902.533.2500 - - loodandwatematchotg ]une 26, 201? Attorney General Lisa Madigan Office of the Illinois Attorney General West Randolph Chicago, IL 606m Dear Attorney General Madigan, I write to request that your of?ce launch an immediate investigation into the recent actions undertaken in the state of by TigerSwan, a private security ?rm headquartered in North CarolinaTigerSwan was contracted by Energt Transfer Partners, another out?of? state entity, to conduct intelligence gathering activities related to its development of the Dakota Access Pipeline. As detailed below, we strongly believe that Ti gerSwan engaged in illegal surveillance activities against me and other employees and supporters of Food 3: Water Watch (FWW) in a manner that is violates our state constitutional and statutory rights, including our rights of privacy. in order to protect the rights of the people of it is imperative that you investigate TigerSwan FWW is a non-pro?t advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, with of?ces across the country, including in Chicago. Out Chicago of?ce and staff engage in several advocacy campaigns related to FWW's core issues, including efforts to shift our energy economy away from dirty fossil fuels to clean reoewables sources as soon as possible. As such, we are opposed to new fossil fuel infrastructure like the Dakota Access Pipeline and continue to mobilise our members, including the nearly timid] located in Illinois. to join in our opposition. Dur efforts involve all constitutionally protected approaches: public demonstrations, educational workshops, outreach and political pressure. We recently received an anonymous tip that an agent or agents of TigerSwan were in?ltrating volunteer meetings to gather intelligence. Some of TigerSwan's internal documents were recently released to the public con?rming this information; we discovered that some of their surveillance activities against FWW were noted within those documents. We now have reason to believe that these in ?ltrators were recording our conversations, photographing participants and PW sta?and perhaps making videos of our meetings. TigerSwan documents also detail that it was working closely in conjunction with state and federal law enforcement authorities and turning much of the material it gathered over to these authorities. As you know. the Illinois Constitution recognises rights to privacy for state residents. In addition, state statutes address and make illegal various eavesdropping activities, including, arguably, those that TigerSwan engaged in against FWW. Since we do not have full access to all of Tiger?wans activities and documents, their actions in the state may also implicate other state criminal and civil laws. Given your role in "protecting the public interest of the state and it's people,? we believe that you should launch an investigation into TigerSwan?s activities in the state, including targeting state citizens and organisations; in?ltrating gatherings; photographng and

recording conversations and meetings; and providing potentially illegally gathered information to state and federal law enforceme nt agencies. As both an employee of FWW and a resident of the state. believe that such an investigation is vital to protecting the people of Illinois against this unwarranted invasion of privacy l?d like to request a meeting with you to discuss this issue further and provide you with any ether information you may maed and answer any questions you may have. Sincerely i f. jessica Fujan Midwest Region Director Food 3: Water Watch 6'30 Hubbard St. Chicago, iL 60654

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