Oxendine Molliver Resignation Letter

Aug. 12 2017 — 1:16p.m.


July 24, 201? Danielle Dxendine Molliyer Dear Commissioners: Please accept this letter of resignation from my employment with the State of Minnesota, with both the Department of Human Rights and Commerce, effective immediately. As you can imagine, this has not been an easy decision for me to make. There are a multitude of reasons why I have come to this decision. The single most important one is the failure of the State of Minnesota to fulfill its obligations of good faith and fair dealing with the tribes in connection with the Line 3 Project. The State has failed to comply with its tribal consultation mandates, as put forth by Goyern or Dayton in Executiye Order 13 10. The Executiye Order obliges the State to meaningful and transparent consultation with Minnesota?s eleyen soyereign tribes. A delineation of the speci?c and numerous yiolations is beyond the scope of this resignation letter. The Department of Commerce has not ful?lled its public duty to act in a fair, genuine, professional, respectful, or transparent manner as required. Consistent with my liaison duties to adyise management, I have provided expertise and attempted to work with Commerce to address these concerns. Howeyer, Commerce has not shown a willingness to address them. Therefore, I feel as though my resignation is the only option to maintain my integrity, commitment, and standing with thetribal communities as both a liaison and indigenous woman. Sincerely, Danielle Oxendine Molliyer

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