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TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT The maximum classification allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT. Click to report inappropriate content. For GCWiki help contact: webteam RUSSETT . Support page FININT Tasking From GCWiki Jump to: navigation, search FININT & Financial data FININT Legalities FININT Exploitation FININT Reporting Guidance FININT POC's & Training TRACFIN Contents 1 GCHQ's FINANCIAL DATA 2 LUCKY STRIKE and LUCKY ESCAPE 3 TRACFIN 4 CT ONLY FINANCIAL ENQUIRY 5 LINKS [edit] GCHQ's FINANCIAL DATA A check of GCHQ's and NSA's financial datasets should always be considered, not just when your target is involved in finance or when you discover a bank account or credit card for them. Financial data is 'just another data source' and Financial Intelligence or FININT could provide new leads, selectors and geo-location on any target from a search of their name, address, phone no (mob, landline, business), IMSI, email address, business name, as well as bank account or credit/debit card number. GCHQ retain bulk banking data from financial institutions in the Middle East, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Kenya, and bulk credit card transaction data. Stored on AAS EXPERIMENT and a number of biographical FININT datasets are available to query in LUCKY STRIKE. Other FININT datasets that cannot for legal and policy reasons be made available in LUCKY STRIKE will be included in a new Finance/Travel tool in development: Lucky escape (restricted access). Please contact , or GCHQ Travel & Finance Data Senior User for further details and/or to request access. The details required for a FININT check are outlined in the FININT Tasking template, see also

FININT Legalities. [edit] LUCKY STRIKE and LUCKY ESCAPE LUCKY STRIKE CT FININT are working with the Finance/Travel Senior User and OPPLEG to make bulk selectors derived from financial datasets available via LUCKY STRIKE and access permitted to all LUCKY STRIKE users. LUCKY STRIKE is an analyst tool which enables a target identifier to be searched against many collateral datasets, with the aim of enriching the ‘seed’ selector and providing context and additional information. LUCKY STRIKE currently holds over a billion records across 40+ unique datasets, ranging from GSM subscriber details to FININT data. Lucky escape LUCKY ESCAPE enables analysts to quickly run unselected TDI's (e.g. MSISDN, email, passport) against a multitude of travel and financial datasets, with a view to answering the simple questions 'has my target travelled anywhere?', 'has my target a bank account, credit card and/or have they made any financial transactions?'. The Senior User is GCHQ Travel & Finance Data Senior User . The datasets which sit behind LUCKY ESCAPE are linked together by field types. This enables very powerful, and very fast, data fusion. [edit] TRACFIN To request a TRACFIN check: It must be minimum UK/US Eyes Contact one of the GCHQ TRACFIN Users in your area, go to TRACFIN Users for a current list or Contact or . If you do not have a TRACFIN account and would like a TRACFIN analyst to submit a check on your behalf, the information required is: Target (name & nationality) Target location (address if known) SIGINT selectors Financial selectors (account details, credit card numbers, money transfer reference) Any additional target information (e.g. aliases, companies controlled) Justification (Op name if applicable) Legalities: JIC Purpose & Priority, Miranda no, Warrant or STA (if applicable) TRACFIN request form [edit] CT ONLY FINANCIAL ENQUIRY Sensitive source covered by an ECI Requests may be submitted for counter-terrorism purposes only i.e. The person should be either a member of a terrorist group, a suspected extremist, a facilitator, terrorist fund-raiser or otherwise involved in extremist activity or An associate or relative if no more than one step removed from the target.

Also, it is possible to search wives, husbands or even children's names if you have reason to believe they may set up accounts in their details. Intel can derive from any source but must be minimum UK/US Eyes. Complete the FININT Tasking template Submit to or Results are usually returned in 7-14 working days, if the enquiry is threat to life, a 24 hour turnaround is possible Results are issued in a plain text word document and can be reported in EPR's subject to data owners approval [edit] LINKS NSA PLATINUM PLUS/FOLLOW THE MONEY TEAM SUPPORT: TRACFIN: FINANCIAL REFERENCE GUIDES (FINTOOLS): TAPERLAY: TMM: MOON RAKER: BROAD OAK: FININT TRACKER: (restricted access) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Update BROADOAK with your Financial Selectors as the FININT Team is working with IPLO to link LUCKY STRIKE searches to BROADOAK. This is still in the discussion stages but be prepared! Retrieved from Views Page Discussion Edit History Delete Move Watch

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