Alice Springs Resolution (NSA)

Mar. 1 2018 — 5:32p.m.


Th e A~ce Sprin gs Resolution In view of the increasing imporcanc:eof the ono.lysis of mctadata to lht genemtionof intc11igcnce. pilrticularly•S"insl lhc 1crroristlllrgci,ihe SIGrNT Agency Heads ha,•c agreed to me dcvelopmen1of a system 10provide a single query access lOall mcrodata rcposicories across 1hc Austrolinn, Canadian..New Ze.1land,United Ki.ngdom and UnitedStates Signal.s:(ntcLLi gence community. This is to ensure thot in1elligcnoertsuhs arc captured und driven by,the fullest possible search nod analysis of dara ocross the A ustmlian, Canadian, New Zealand. United Kingdom and United States community. This effort is a first s.tcp1owordselil:ninating unnecessaryduplicationof businessprocesses. and multij>lchnndling, Md to ensure there arc no cos~ in tcrrnsof analyst time or effort inv91vedin an3lyst:.1cccs..~ 10 panncr's data repositories. The Agency Heads ~greed th:u 01is is a key initiative, 10be progressedexpeditiously. ')~ fJJ...:. DAYID PEPPEi ·i Dirc<:ior.GCHQ ~~t~ Licu1cnan1 General, USAF Dirc<:to r, NSA Dote: J.s- ,9:.,,,, --i,?J~ STEPHENtv1ERCHANT WARRENTUCKER Din:ctor,DSD Director, GCSB Da1c: ~r,:C-.-,,<,,.._ KEITH COULTER Chief.CSE 1)31c: ,.,_r,,. J--..c. lt>;"/' v ':15 . S- , 0•4

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