SSO News on MYSTIC SHELLTRUMPET for June 20, 2012

May. 29 2019 — 3:00p.m.


(U//FOUO) MYSTIC’s SHELLTRUMPET provides Metadata Gateway for Several SSO systems to RT-RG Texas By on 2012-06-20 1459 (S//SI//NF) Over the course of May/June 2012, SHELLTRUMPET, in close coordination with Real Time-Regional Gateway (RT-RG) and various Special Source Operations (SSO) programs, has provided RT-RG Texas with new accesses to metadata. Specifically, SHELLTRUMPET has enabled DANCINGOASIS and SPINNERET metadata to flow to RT-RG Texas by obfuscating the source information and filtering out metadata from countries of no interest to that area of responsibility (AOR). As a result, even though the two mentioned accesses are generating well over 1B records per day, SHELLTRUMPET reduces this to just ~600M/day for RT-RG Texas ingest. These two accesses now provide RT-RG Texas with 85% of their input volume, which contains 60% of the hits on their targets. This week, SHELLTRUMPET will add FAIRVIEW to the flow, which undoubtedly will spike SSO’s contributions for RT-RG Texas even higher. (U//FOUO) POC: , MYSTIC Tech Director, , .

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