ICE Internal Email Exchange Tracking Protests and Discussing Retaliation

Jun. 17 2021 — 11:00a.m.


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coo. Cees Er ermmmnemeity To e suber bpo Care Can vi | DRAFT SIR — Report Tie: 108 E20 Adana — Planned Facity Domenstaton — May 27, 2017 ano pep Please review th SIR Drift below detaiing the planned peaceful demonstration at SDC on May 27, 2017 one oon sve gem Report Tite: ICE ERO Atlanta — Planned Facility Demonstrion — May 27, 2017 On May 27, 2017, the Georgia Detention Watch (GDW) plan to conduct a candle igh vigil commemonting the recent passing of Jean Carlos JIMENEZ—Joseph, A204602723— 20178IR0012935, a national of Panama detained by ICE atthe Stewart Detetion Center (SDC) i Lumpkin, Georgi when deceased. Demonstrations are planned fr thee separate locations ‘The fs location is outside of th font gates to the SDC facility from 1600 ~ 1700 with an mated numbe of 28 participants, attendance indicated by Facebook. CoreCivic (CC) which operates SDC intends o provide security personnel and cooperate wth locl law enforcement agencies t ensure the safty of ICE deainees, employees and th fciity ‘The second sit isthe Govermor‘s Golf Club locted in Brentwood. Tennesse fom 1730—1830 with an estimated number of 119 participants attendance indicted by Facchook, Any measures o addres security concems are unknown ‘The thir sit isthe City Center Church located in Lenexa, Kansas rom 1800 — 1930 with an timated numbe of 6# participants, attendance indicated by Facebook. Any measures to address security concem are unknown: sackarounp "This i the terth year that GDW and other organizations have conducted demonstrations at SDC. Although most of the participants ave been nonviolent in 2014 the Stewart County Sheriffs Office arested a small number of demonstrtars for trespassing onto SDC property. "Those who were arrested were taken to the Lumpkin, GA City Jal and released aer th same doy GDW consits of organizations and individuals that advocate alongside immigrants, "o end the inhumane and unjust detention and aw enforcement policies and practices directed against immigrant communities." Th coultion include activist, community organizes, persons of fith lawyers and others. Although the main organizer of th SDC demonstration is GDW, rorsicticuses core

several othr non—government oreaniations participar, to include, Ates, he American Civil Liberies Union of Georgin the Coulicion de Lidress Latino, he Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, te Open Door Community, and E1 Refugio "This STR namative was reviewed and approved fo submission by Deputy Field Office Director George A Serine too Rei sepa i o So pour ke ~ comepemenseeeeeantin importance: hign Pease pre iR n anticipation of tomorron‘s E efugo candle tgt vt rankyou US. Department of Homeland Secuty tunpii, cA oftes 2) cat: 220) 524 Warning: Ths document is uncussit/IFor orricn ust Ont (U/FoUO). it contains informmer—iratnay be exempt rom publ release under the Freedom of ot erBuse S52) isto be comoier nded vansmites Tra disposed tin accordance with HS poly reatng to FOUO intermanaratirs at tobe released to he publ or other sersonel ui e aval ‘need to now without pro approvalatan authorized DHS ofM No portion o ths report shouldbe fumshed to the meda, ather in wite arvrtafogn trom sont meen sersictioons sozo

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