Dunlap Koch Email to EPA

Aug. 19 2021 — 1:03p.m.


Message From: Dunlap, David [David. Dunlap @kochind com] Sent: 2/1/2018 2:30:11 AM To. Jackson, Ryan jackson [email protected] gov] Subject: Formaldehyde Does Not Cause Leukemia Attachments: Formaldehyde - No lnk to Leukernia docx Mr. Jackson, The attached document provides citations and summaries of 19 published and peer reviewed studies that prove that inhaled formaldehyde does not cause leukemia in humans. We have previously provide this data to the EPA staff conducting the formaldehyde IRIS assessment, but we do not believe they have properly integrated this new science into their analysis. I encourage you to have the NCEA staff explain to you why they continue to ignore this very compelling science. Regards, David David D. Dunlap | Director, Environment! Regulatory Afar Koth industries, nc. OL TEE] € david [email protected] com polis is the art of looking fo trouble, finding it everywhere, diognosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies ~ Groucho Marx

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