Appointment Letter for Visa Interview at U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

Aug. 27 2021 — 2:34a.m.


Re Noa Interview Let (4) August 16,2001 Dos I Theat Costs OVO) er x5 Siedby ver of The NVC will ew ord 1 the US. Ebay or Connlate in KABUL, AFGHANISTAN frau view Thi late serves 2 oral notification oft vic erie: SAVE ths ete md preest 4 he US. Embryo Conmare pod aceptonit a etme of the mre Tnterview Date and Time An migrant via sterview is scheduled for IN =: :c <'ible derative applicant: (se aplcats sel orn he etrsengil) a he US, Eby or Comat KABUL AFGHANISTAN on September 25, 2021 at (ll am. ‘Applicants Eligible to Attend he Interview ei Arena AGATA AECHATIAY ArcRasTAY

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