Babel Street U.S. Treasury IRS Contract 2021

Nov. 4 2021 — 7:15p.m.


From: Tor ern Gores tin) Subject: RE tern] Rr 2052021400010 Th Party Wed Research oko pros Ties epenter 2, 2021 13221 A Mchmane: ay cen oo Ms. Katz and Mr, Carter, Thank you for the update and the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilites in respense to solicitation 2032H9-21-R00010, Third Party Media Research Solution Please find below our presenters and preferred time slot information: 5 Preferred Preferred Time Slot - [Time Slot Istchoice pnd choice John Weaver Thursday _[[hursdoy — september [september 9.20210 2021 at Mohamad Ef-Hamalawy - 104567 [1008S I Brian Worley - We thank you again for the opportunity and we are looking forward to our discussion Sincerely, SVP Babel Street FedCiv | Borders | Automation wi babe EEL Ca Washington, D.C. / London / Canberra / Ottawa

ow: my acy = aa tr Susana tors So Lipa a— fr oc Good afternoon, Ms. Katz Thank you for confirming receipt of the documents earlier this week. | would like to follow up with request to etter understand what the next sep fo us might be, We certainly appreciate the apporturity ta partner with the IRS and we want to make sure we are ready to respond to the next step in the process. Thank you again and | hope you all have a great weekend. Take core, SVP - Babel Street fe Washington, D.C. / London / Canberra / Ottawa 8 Taro 0 qitosses lee bo cons ft amy hoclonnt ru. ture, or oho 13008 a aor From: Katz Rebecca tP___ 1] Sent: Tuesdoy, September 14,2021 1128 A Co] Ce:Carter Brian JO] Subject: RE: [External] TPMR Clauses and Provisions Receved, Thank you

ow: Cob) To a. = may es EE rt FEOF eee So en pat oe an Co tc EERE cst Good Morning, Attached is a copy of order # 2032H8-21-C-00039 for our “Third Party Media Research” requiremen Revew, sign and return the atached SF1443 and NOA attachment toda, Please reply to confirm receipt. Thakyos Brian J. Carter Contract Specialist Innovative Contracting Lab rove Iti Boneh Acquisition Management & Planning pr =

re preven) To “© ay Sect AT dS nr FUSS 21038 Th Pty We ech poy eit Sn 5,55 43800 Mma et HEIN enact — Good Morning, Attached is a copy of Contr 2032HB-21.C-00039 for our “Thi Party Media Research” requirement. Review, sgn and return the atached SF1449 and NDA attachment toda, Please reply to confirm receipt. Thankyou Brian J. Carter Cont Specialist movative Contracting Lab Procurement novation Branch Acquisition Management & Planning Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Review, sign and return the attached SF1449 and NDA attachment today. Please reply to confirm receipt. Thankyou. Brian J. Carter Contract Specialist Innovative Contracting Lab Procurement Innovation Branch Acquisition Management & Planning Intemal Revenue Service (IRS) —enen- CAUTION: This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not cick links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe. ----———

som: Tor [rT te pn) pa Locket subject: RE orl ATI: te Set Ava -Conract 20324- 21.0033 Th Far Meda Reseach out: Watney, Spr 22, 02 14324 Inmate: canis iat fier) ie Coons st sues rrr Ms. Katz, [Fin transi. Please see attached th signe contract Please Kindly provide the fully “executed version at your convenience. Thank you or the extra time on the NDA. Upon your response to the requested clarification, we will get those NDA over to you as soon as possible Thank you, SUP Gpuratios - Babel Street ‘www babelsireel. com Vinshington D.C. | London| Canberra | Ottawa 8 This massage may contain information that is confidential and intended for the use of tha odrassos only I1you ara not the addrossee. please be advised (hat any disclosure. copying. distrbution o cer use of tha contents is prohibited. f you racsived tis message n emo, ploase delte tand adbise the sandar by op oma. A — | Sent: Wednesday, September 22. 2021 3:31 PM To: Carter Brian J PR — GEE }ienckEvinniaN ‘Subject: RE: [External] ATTN: Babel Street Award - Contract #2032H8-21-C-0003¢ - Third Party. Media Research Hello and thank you for your email, 1. With regards tothe EULA, if this needs to be incorporated as an addendum into the contract, we will have to get IFS" egal involved. fo, it wil ake some time es the attorneys are ‘currently very busy with end of year requirements. This can be revisited in the new year, reviewed and if approved by legal can be incorporated into the contract via a modification. 2. Yes, Phase 1 i obligated at thi time. lease bil accordingly to how you will build and utlize:

per each employee who will be provided access to S8U information? We assess the latter and if correct, may be please have a few additional days to gather all the needed signatures? + Also and assuming 1 per employee, Babel Street requests clarity on the type of info the government is considering as SBU related to this effort for which our employees will be provided access. This will aide in correctly determining who on our team will need to execute the NDA. « Finally on the NDA, can you please advise what you expect to go in that blank space in section 47 Again, these are interim questions as we fully review the contract. Feedback would be most appreciated. We desire to get this done as quickly as possible but may need a little extra time. May we have until tomorrow to get back to you in ful, please. Thank you, SVP — Babel Street FedCiv| Borders | Automation sev babelsireel om Washington, D.C. / London / Canberra / Ottawa a This massage may contain infomation that i confidential and intanded for the use of the addressee only you are not the addrwssws. please ba aovised hat any disclosure, copying, dstnbution, or othr use of

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