Chicago Police Department Somex George Floyd Protest

May. 19 2022 — 5:25p.m.


From: Kinney, Patrick R Sent: Monday, June 01, 2020 8:56 PM To: ATC Sergeants Subject: Fu Arsons Here is what | sent the Chief incase you were wondering what sparked his email, just spoke with Lt. Zhan from Arson. The idea, which we will get together tomorrow, would be to create a shared folder where each SOMEX team and Arson captures social media videos of Arson's to CPD vehicles and other damage. | dont think we should worry too much about people taking items from stores but focus more on the ones causing damage (ie. breaking windows, spray painting, setting fires, etc). Fleming related that we wil need to come up with a naming convention for these videos so much later when we have time to work on this we know where the videos came from. also reached out to Tom Hogan and asked him how we can preserve ALL POD video from the riots. There is 10 way we can go through it in 30days before the retention time is up. | will let you know what he says We will not be working on this until weeks down the road but | do not want to loose these social media videos, hence preserving them now. Please let the group know ideas on how we can accomplish this. | think this will be a great mission for the SOMEX and help to highlight their need. Sergeant Patrick Kinney #2044 Chicago Police Department Bureau of Detectives Area Two Technology Center Area Twa SOMEX & NIBN Teams cen [I I Bell (312) 747-8271 Pax 2011 From: Kinney, Patrick Sent: Monday, June 1, 2020 7:14 PM To: Deenihan, Brendan D. <[email protected]> Subject: Arsons Chief, Yesterday morning | directed the SOMEX620 to start capturing social media posts pertaining to Arson of CPD vehicles. | also suggested to the other SOMEX Sergeants to have their teams do the same. »

We are currently trying to identify two suspect captured on a Twitter video setting fire to a CPD vehicle at State and Lake. While working on it a Detective, who was in the ATC at the time, mentioned a riot that happened while he was in college at Michigan State. He stated after the riot a task-force was created. The taskforce compiled video of individuals causing criminal acts (CDTP, Arson, Etc). They then created a web- page and posted the clips for the public to view and post tips on who the suspects were. He mentioned it was. Very successful at identifying a number of individuals. After things calm down, and if you think tis a worthwhile idea, | would like to discuss with you us doing. something similar. 1 don't think it would be too much of a ift but some extra resources will be needed to accomplish it. Also, with the amount of suspects we would have | would like to focus on arson and other case of extreme damage. 1 think if we placed a few of these suspect in custody, and publicized it, it may help deter future acts. 1 know it is too early to move on this but | just wanted to put it on your radar. In the meantime | will have SOMEX620 continue to compile social media posts of Arsons and see if the other Areas are doing the same. Sergeant Patrick Kinney #204 Chicago Police Department Bureau of Detectives Area Two Technology Center Area Two SOMEX & NIBN Teams Col Bell (312) 747-8271 Pax 2011 »

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