Apr. 11 2023 — 7:37p.m.


Aira. 4 [ Ji Ay OF mec Vi ime Og Erged Paid iis NN =z He Office ofthe Los Angeles City Atorey Vidor Feito Soto March 30, 2023 Shaker Rahman, Esq. LAW OFFICE OF SHAKEER RAHMAN 838 East 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90021 Colleen Flynn, Esq. LAW OFFICE OF COLLEEN FLYNN 3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2910 Los Angeles, CA 90010 VIA CERTIFIED MAIL - RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Re: Demand for Return of Records Pursuant to Government Code Section 6204.2 Dear. Ms. Flynn and Mr. Rahman: “The Los Angeles City Attorneys Office (“Office”) has reasonable grounds to believe that records as further described below belonging to the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) are in the possession of your client, Ben Camacho, without authorization by law to possess those records. Pursuant to Government Code section 6204.2, this letter serves as a written notice demanding that your client return the records to the LAPD as required by the terms of the statute. Our Office is authorized to take egal action to recover the records if you fail to respond in writing within the required time or do not adequately demonstrate that the records do not belong to the LAPD. This Office entered into the Settlement Agreement and Release (the “Agreement”) with your client, Ben Camacho, in resolution of his California Public Records Act (“CPRA") (Gov. Code § 7920.000 et seq.) request (Request #21-8914). This Agreement ty oN Est 00M. Ho Stet 8 Flo Lo Ags, CA G12 Tl 21704681

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