TCB Jamboree 2012 Invitation

Mar. 10 2015 — 3:39 a.m.

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[edit] TCB Jamboree 2012 The InfcrInaticn Dperaticns Center?s Engineering DevelcpInent Grcup will held its seventh annual Trusted CcInputing Ease Jambcree frcIn February 2MB. 1Visit the TIDE page at: mamma? [edit] (U) Invitation The InfcrInaticn Dperaticns Center?s Engineering DevelcpInent Grcup wculd like tc anncunce the seventh Trusted CcInputing Jambcree. The Jambcree is crganised and by the Security cf EInerging Eranch As in past years, the Jambcree will be an infcrInal and interactive ccnference with an emphasis cn presentaticns that prcvide infcrInaticn tc develcpers trying tc circuInvent cr ewlcit new security capabilities. The Jambcree will be held Tuesday?Thursday, February 21312 at the Martin Dulles Executive Plaza II, 13561] Dulles Drive, VA 2?1?1. Tuesday and Wednesday will run frcIn g?IIi tc Spin, Thursday will run frcIn QaIn tc 12pm. The TIDE ccntinues tc ewlcre architectures that will have a signi?cant impact an future InfcrInaticn Dperaticns. such as the Trusted PlatfcrIn Mcdule pcse threats and fer the Intelligence CcInInunity. The main purpcse cf the Jambcree will be tc discuss the results cf the Security research can be applied tcday. Rather than an cverview cf all the activities within the we will present nctable results that will prcvide develcpers insight intc tc meet the threats cf the TED architectures and embedded architectures and they can explcit new avenues cf attack.