The Intercept’s Changemakers — Our Donor Hall of Fame


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As of June 28, 2017

We are honored to share the Interceptors who have joined us and supported us at the Changemaker level, giving $1,000 per year.

  • Nate Allen, dedicating his support to The Intercept Brasil
  • Cory Archibald
  • Susan Bassein
  • Jason Bean
  • Nancy Braus
  • Barbara Coady
  • Sophie Copeland (Svaby)
  • Cam Cowan
  • Barry Carroll
  • Natalie Elsberg
  • Richard Graeber
  • Robert Greenwald
  • Susan Gharib
  • Kathlyn Hoekstra
  • Jose Pedro Isern Comas
  • Vicki Johnson
  • Harlan Lieberman-Berg
  • Eamon O’Keeffe
  • Sanjay Madan
  • Keith Mernovage
  • Alastair Miles
  • Brett Morrison
  • Jill Nelson
  • Gloria Newman
  • Zach Phillips
  • Patricia Poitras
  • Alex Redington
  • Karim Sahyoun
  • Shaffin Shariff
  • Mustafa Shameem
  • Noel Spiegel
  • Sonya and Mitch Sukalski
  • Libby Titus
  • Colin Wilcox
  • David Wilson
  • Marylaird Wood
  • Huma Yasin
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