As Donald Trump arrived to vote for himself at a polling place near his home in Manhattan on Tuesday, he heard boos and jeers from people waiting to vote, residents of the area and bystanders.

Yamiche Alcindor of the New York Times reported that the catcalls and heckling continued even after the native New Yorker went inside to cast his ballot.

Inside the polling place, video recorded by CNN appeared to show Trump glancing over at his wife Melania’s ballot as they voted behind privacy screens.

After Trump finished, some voters waiting on line laughed and one man told him, “You’re gonna lose!”

The heckling resumed as Trump departed, although at least one of his supporters could be heard shouting “Go Donald!” as another person nearby countered with “Loser!”

Katy Tur of NBC News, a journalist who has been singled out for abuse by Trump on the campaign trail, reported that some construction workers above the street did cheer for him.

Before Trump arrived at the polling place inside a public school on East 56th Street, two activists from Femen, a feminist protest group that started in Ukraine, ripped off their shirts to reveal anti-Trump slogans painted on their chests.