Deconstructed Podcast: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen/subscribe?

You have two options: You can listen to a podcast through an audio player on a website, like the one we’ve made available here. Or, you can download the podcast — saving it on your phone, tablet, or computer — so you can listen to it anytime, even without an internet connection. You can also subscribe, which means the podcast will automatically download to your device every time a new episode is available. To subscribe to Deconstructed (for free!), follow the instructions below.

On your iPhone or iPad

Open the preloaded app called “Podcasts,” which has a purple icon. If you’re reading this on your phone, tap this link, which will take you to the app. (You can also click the magnifying glass icon in the app to search for “Deconstructed.”) Once you’re on the Deconstructed page, you can tap on the episode title to play it, and tap on the “subscribe” button to have new episodes sent to your phone free. If you prefer another podcast app, you can find Deconstructed on Stitcher, Radio Public, or iHeartRadio. (If you prefer another player, use it to search for “Deconstructed” or access the RSS feed.)

On your Android phone or tablet

You can find Deconstructed on the Stitcher, Radio Public, or iHeartRadio apps. (If you prefer another podcast player, simply search for “Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan” within the app or access the RSS feed.)

From a desktop or laptop

Click the “play” button on the audio player at the top of the page to start the show. You can always find the latest episode here.

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