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At Intercepted, our commitment to exposing injustice and holding the powerful accountable couldn’t be any more urgent than right now.

Our small team at Intercepted works tirelessly — often pulling all-nighters — to bring you voices, analysis, and history that you won’t hear anywhere else. And we want to do more — much more. But Intercepted can only reach its full potential with your support. We have been blown away by the growth and input of the Intercepted community — and we want to invite you to be part of building this show and its future.

We’ve taken Intercepted ad free. We want our podcast to be powered by the people who care the most about it — our community of listeners. So we’re asking you for your support and inviting you to become a sustaining member of Intercepted.

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We want our podcast to be powered by the people who care the most about it — our audience. So we’re asking you for your support. Your donation will help us expand Intercepted and the stories we cover, hire more producers, and remain ad free. Supporting us at any amount makes you a valued member of Intercepted, and membership includes the benefits below:

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  • We’ll send you a link to a digital download of our favorite cold opens from the last two seasons of Intercepted. Plus, you get bragging rights in our Facebook group and beyond.

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  • Intercepted hoodie! Show off your style and commitment on the street in a custom gray sweatshirt with the Intercepted logo. We’ll also include all the premiums from the lower levels.

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$999 per year

  • We know many of our listeners would like their support to be less public, so we’ll keep your contribution anonymous. Additionally, Jeremy will inscribe a personal message inside a copy of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army,” and we’ll include all the premiums of the lower levels.

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  • We will publicly shout our thank-you’s from the rooftops and include your name on our donor roll of fame. All the premiums of the lower levels will also be included.

Level 6

$2,500+ per year ($209+ per month)

  • Join us as an honorary podcast producer. We will list your name at the end of our podcast as an honorary producer, shouting your support to the thousands of people who listen to Intercepted every week, plus the pack of benefits included above.


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