Battlefield Data Recovery/SSE

“Will suck every last byte of data out of a seized cellphone”

Review by Nathan Wessler

Staff Attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project

This device is a favorite of police departments everywhere. It’ll suck every last byte of data out of a seized cellphone in less time than it takes to read the Bill of Rights. Just remember what the Supreme Court said in 2014, though: If you’re searching the contents of a cellphone, “get a warrant.”


Is a portable, handheld, field proven forensic system for the quick extraction and analysis of 95% cell phones, smart phones and PDA devices . - Extracts information such as phonebook, pictures, video, text messages, call logs, ESN/IMEI, and MSISDN information - Portable end-to-end solution - battery operated, easy-to-use device that requires no PC or associated phone drivers - Developed for field use - ruggedized housing offers additional protection in harsh environments - SIM card extraction and SIM ID cloning

Limitations and Planning Factors

- AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Output DC 15V, 2A - 217mm x 124mm x 77mm - Time required to complete data exchange depends on amount of data (approx 1-3 minutes)


TEEL/ CelleBrite USA Corp.
Teel Technologies is a Connecticut supplier of mobile device forensics tools, training, and examination services for local, state, and federal law enforcement customers, as well as enterprise clients. Among the products offered is Cellebrite, from an Israel-based subsidiary of the Sun Corporation. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


GSM, CDMA and selected Thuraya


Ground Force Commander

Cost: $9,920.00 (+ $900/1 yr service support & maintenance

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