Battlefield Data Recovery/SSE

“More than enough data to map an entire social network”

Review by Jennifer Lynch

Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Are you trying to break the next big criminal syndicate? If so, the Cyberhawk may be your go-to device. It’s able to get data off over 79 cellphones, including saved and dialed numbers, SMS messages, pictures, calendar entries, and even sound files. That’s more than enough data to map the entire social network of an organization — even if your targets use throwaway “burner” phones. And the best thing about it? It uses software and components made right here in the United States. But better get a warrant to search those phones — in 2014, the Supreme Court said it’s the law.


These BDR systems serves as a small exploitation system for GSM handsets. Cyber Hawk exploits over 79 cell phones; uses US made software and components and presents a much smaller foot print than CELLTECH. Exploitation includes phonebook, names, SMS, media files, text, deleted SMS, calendar items and notes

Limitations and Planning Factors

- GSM only - Takes 4-10 mins for download - Saved and dialed numbers, missed calls, SMS data, pictures, calendar, sound files all consolidated into one report





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