Garuda (G-Box)

Fixed Wing Geo-Location (Manned)


The G-Box is used as a GSM airborne geo-location system to replicate a GSM network Base Station. They operate by attracting and registering handsets operating on the local commercial network. Each handset's IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) or IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is compared against the 's target watch list. When a targeted handset is identified and registered to the box, a geo-location solution is calculated. G-Box was specifically designed and built for geo-location missions in fixed wing aircraft (manned/ unmanned). Garuda received a software upgrade that modified the algorithm software, which allows the system to take 1000 entries.

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Dual band system (900/1800 & 850-1900 MHz) - RX BAND 880-915 & 1710-1785 MHZ - TX BAND 925-960 & 1805-1880 MHZ - System GPS - Active L1/L2 Band - L1 1575.42 +/- 10 MHz - L2 1227.00 +/- 10MHz - Effective Ranges - Min: 5 miles Max: UKN - Target List Max: 1000 targets


Key W
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Cost: $185,000.00

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