GarWind/ BLOS Pod

PGL Payloads on UAVs


BLOS G-Pod. Garwind is a GSM airbone (UAV) geo-location system to replicate a GSM network Base Station deployed on the Predator UAV. With BLOS capabilities Garwind is able to operate in areas without a Surface Terminal Element (STE) reducing the need for a ground footprint. Garwind allows the transfer of G-Pod and Windjammer sensor data over the BLOS SOCOM Ku-Band SATCOM datalink using the Garwind Ground Control System (GCS)

Limitations and Planning Factors

- 31 Mar 09 - 1 Apr: Test POD KU connectivity at Cannon - Successful. - 4-6 Jun- Conduct Test bed Network evaluation and certification at . Successful. - 18 Dec 09 - Planned completion date for integration. - Jan 10 - UTC Plan to field first MQ-9 w/ BLOS G-POD and upgrade entire fleet of PODS. Priority first on MQ-9's and then on the MQ-1's once integration testing is completed on that platform.


GSM (multi-band)


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