PGL Payloads on UAVs


Gilgamesh is a Geo-location device designed to conduct BLOS UAV APG operations from MQ-1/9 aircraft. Gilgamesh is controlled via the Air Handler/Predator KU Band data link and does not require a STE to operate. System geo-locates with same accuracy and generally same TTP as other systems. Currently C2 interface via NSA Net.

Limitations and Planning Factors

- AWR completed for USSOCOM/ACC MQ-1/9 aircraft - Weight: ~8.5 lbs (LRU), requires modified VSAE including antenna and cable harness on both MQ-1/9 acft - Bandwidth requirements: Typical configuration, 4800 bps uplink, 256 kbps downlink - Requires Airhandler to operate - Current Payloads: Gilgamesh LRU - Payload Vendor(s): Protected, SNC


Sierra Nevada Corporation ICW NSA OTRS/DAED and General Atomics
Privately owned Sierra Nevada, of Sparks, Nevada, claims to be the “top woman-owned federal contractor in the U.S.” The company is involved in electronics, avionics, and communications systems for aviation, space, and military customers. Sierra Nevada provides “integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Information Operations (IO) sensor system solutions for national security customers,” as well as manned and unmanned aircraft ISR systems integration and tactical communications for war fighters and first responders. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


GSM 900/1800 (one band available in flight). Requires separate vertical tailfin antenna assembly (VSAE) per band.


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