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The SP1 T-Pod system is a GSM airborne (UAV) geo-location system to replicate a GSM network Base Station. The G-pod (Garuda in an 18 inch pod) is deployed on the MQ-1/9 acft. Once at mission altitude, the Ground Control Data Link (operated from Surface Terminal Element, STE) contacts the G-Pod and creates an Ethernet connection for payload command and control as well as data link command and control. The payload operator is then free to perform mission activities while the air to ground control data link tracks and maintains a connection with the UAV sensor pod.

Limitations and Planning Factors

Guava Equipment Specifics: G-pod (G-Box in a pod, see G-box specs) - Data Link: TCDL - Xmit Power: >10 Watts. - Power Consumption: <600 watts - Dimensions: 68" X 18" - Weight: 125 lbs with sensor G-Pod Ground Station (Surface Terminal Element, STE) - Data Link: TCDL - Xmit Power: 2 watts. - Power Consumption: <2000 watts - Dimensions: 8 feet diameter System Range: 90 NM


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