Jagged Amber - Next Gen BLOS

PGL Payloads on UAVs


Pod based capability that allows for remote operation of Ethernet payloads removing the requirement for dedicated, line-of-sight (LOS) tactical data link. Ethernet data is routed over dedicated airborne SATCOM terminal integrated into the pod, removing the requirement to leverage acft KU-Band C2 link and allowing for higher dedicated BW for future IO/TTL/communications requirements

Limitations and Planning Factors

- In development for USSOCOM MQ-9 - Pod weight: ~25- lbs (with payloads) - Current Payload (s): Twister, Siren, Windjammer, MuRX, Vector - Payload Vendor (s): Protected, AST, SR Technologies


Northrop Grumman IS ICW Big Safari & General Atomics


GSM 900/1800, CDMA 450/800, Thuraya/Inmarsat, TTL


Ground Force Commander IAW host nation GCC approvals

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