Ground Based Geo-Location (Vehicular)


Ground GSM stimulation & geo-location device - Replicates BTS to STIM handset into RF TCH allowing for DF - Provides limited capability to isolate targets utilizing Firewall option - Sagem HS included to provide network survey - Incorporates Artemis in system to provide geo-location data from both moving and stationary vehicle (zero baseline) - System provides extended BA list with commonality chart

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Approx ground distance ~1-4 Km - Target Handset must be on & not engaged in a call - Locking handset into TCH drains battery and raises signal strength - Use of system requires deconflictionw/ other geo elements in AO - Network can identify rogue BTS - Improper use can impact network


Martone Radio Technology, Inc.
MRT, a Northern California company, is a supplier and developer of high-performance wireless transceivers and radio frequency (RF) products to defense, government intelligence, and commercial customers. — Margot Williams, The Intercept




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Cost: $365,000.00

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