Fixed Wing Geo-Location (Manned)


Nebula is an NSA Developmental airborne multi-protocol box designed for geo-location against GSM (Multi-Band), CDMA, UMTS, and H. Currently can target HPCP, GSM, Inmarsat, Thuraya, CDMA-2000, HSDPA. The NSA is leading system development (NSA lead).

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Band: GSM (multi-band), CDMA-2000, UMTS, HSDPA. - Able to lock and hold traffic from 12 miles away - Air/ Ground Geo-location ability to within 200m (results often closer to a 10m CEP) - Able to change channels without dropping locked HS - High DC power requirements (Nebula 2C) - Weight 45 pounds - Power requirement: 450 Watts 36VDC


GSM (multi-band), CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, HSDPA, HPCP, Inmarsat, Thuraya


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