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Survey Equipment


- Cellular Survey Tool - System includes - 2 GSM HS - 1 CDMA HS - 1 TDMA HS - Assorted Scanners - GPS Receiver - Records cellular information for dowload to NEMO Analyze - Can hook DTI scanners to laptop for simultaneous recording of numerous networks

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Must be hooked to a laptop - Using entire system can be cumbersome and difficult to conceal - Does not give extended BA list - Capable of running simultaneous multiple protocol survey


Anite is a U.K.-based supplier of test and measurement solutions to the international wireless market. Anite was acquired by California-based Keysight Technologies (formerly the test and measurement products division of Hewlett Packard) in August 2015. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


900Mhz, 1800, 850, 1900, CDMA


Title 10

Cost: Approx $80,000.00

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