Ground Based Geo-Location (Vehicular)


The PRD-13 is a radio frequency (RF) and direction finding (DF) signals intelligence system that provides signal location and exploitation. The PRD-13 provides Tier IO EW Operators with the ability to DF any GSM signal of interest; however, the PRD-13 is much larger than other DF systems. This system is part of the Tier EW inventory for certain conditions that require a broad spectrum, large area focus.

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Directed Search (Channel scan) 400 channels; 20 priority channels; 9 bands - Freq Coverage: 2x 2000MHz & Intercept; 2x 2000MHz Monitor; 2x 500MHz DF - Signal List: Logs up to 400 - Built-in Test (BIT): End-to-end system test


L3 Communications, Linkabit Division
L-3 Linkabit, with operations in California, Florida, and Maryland, is a division of New York-based defense contractor L-3 Communications that specializes in electronic warfare, satellite communications, and the integration of ground-based signals intelligence systems into mobile platforms. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


2MHz - 2GHz


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Cost: $20,000.00

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