Fixed Wing Geo-Location (Manned)


Radiance is a self-contained portable airborne and ground interrogator system capable of capturing, interrogating, and geo-locating CDMA-2000 and IS-95 mobile devices. Radiance captures, interrogates, and geo-locates the handset by continuously collecting range data on the target and pairing this data with the GPS location of the Radiance system.

Limitations and Planning Factors

- Band: CDMA-2000 (single-banded system) - Requires separate network survey device (ICS2 from QRC Inc.) - Causes Denial of Service (DoS) during operation of CDMA network for short period - 27 Jan- 12 Feb - Deployed for two week operational assessment/ Combat Evaluation (OIF) - A/C integration difficult due to size


Vendor West


450, 800, and 1900MHz CDMA 2000


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