RADPOD (Radiance Pod)

PGL Payloads on UAVs


Pod based capability that allows for remote operation of Ethernet payloads removing the requirement for dedicated, line-of-sight (LOS) tactical data link. Ethernet data is routed over the aircraft's serial SATCOM data link using an Asymmetric Ethernet Device (AED). The AED is placed on each end of the aircraft's SATCOM data link (onboard Pod, GCS) and is used to convert Ethernet data to serial for transit across the link.

Limitations and Planning Factors

- AWR completed for USSOCOM MQ-1/9 aircraft - Pod weight: ~131 lbs (with Radiance payload) - Bandwidth requirements: Typical configuration, 4800 bps uplink, 256 kbps downlink - Current Payload (s): Radiance 850 - Payload Vendor (s): Protected


Northrop Grumman IS ICW General Atomics
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CDMA-2000, 850Mhz


Ground Force Commander IAW host nation GCC approvals

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