Spartacus II

Ground Based Geo-Location (Vehicular)

“Can be easily moved from plane to car to body”

Review by Jennifer Lynch

Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

You’ll feel like a powerful Greek gladiator with the Spartacus II. It’s the smallest high-powered dual-band system on the market and can be moved easily from a plane to a car or even to your body — all without changing the system. While the $180,000 price tag might put it out of reach for smaller agencies, its cross-border capabilities could make it easy to acquire with DHS funding. And if it’s used at the border, you might not even need to get a warrant before you use it.


Standalone, man portable, vehicle and airborne PGL system. Simultaneous dual band/ dual BTS with Receive diversity. Artemis I/II interface for cross border operations. Works in conjunction with Rover software application. Able to go from Airborne or vehicle mount configuration to dismounted operation with no change to system. Grab and go. The smallest dual band/high powered system on the market

Limitations and Planning Factors

- 900 & 1800 MHz simultaneous operation - 10 watts per BTS - Size: 12" x 3.5" x 10" - Weight: 12 lbs - DF when connected with Artemis I/II, TDOA/TOA in stand-alone - 5 hours battery life at 5 watts - Improper use can impact network


Martone Radio Technology, Inc.
MRT, a Northern California company, is a supplier and developer of high-performance wireless transceivers and radio frequency (RF) products to defense, government intelligence, and commercial customers. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


GSM 900/1800 (single band)


Title 10

Cost: $180K

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