Stargrazer III

Ground Based Geo-Location (Vehicular)

“Attack mode’ can jam a handset while capturing metadata”

Review by Jennifer Lynch

Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

If you want a device that doesn’t just locate your target but makes it impossible for him to make a call, look no further than the Stargazer III. In “attack mode,” the Stargazer can jam a handset and capture its metadata at the same time it pinpoints your target’s location. But watch out — the Stargazer may jam all the other phones in the area too — including your own.


Stargrazer is an Army system developed to deny, degrade and/or disrupt a targeted adversary's command and control (C2) system on the Thuraya Handsets (HS) via electronic means. Stargrazer is able to extract IMSI and IMEI data from the handset. STARGRAZER is a flexible and expandable Special Purpose Electronic Attack (SPEA) capability designed primarily to target Mobile Satellite Services communication downlink paths.

Limitations and Planning Factors

Operates in three different phases: 1. Phase II: Monitor mode. 2. Phase II: Attack mode: Identify, capture and jam one or more handsets while gaining 1MS1, 1ME1, TMS1, and geo-location data. 3. Phase III: "Impersonate" mode: Impersonate actual Thuraya network with SGIII network and requiring the Thuraya handsets in range to register with the impersonated network and transmit their 1MS1, 1ME1, TMS1 and geo-locational data. The phone/phones can essentially be brute force, or surgically jammed.


Thuraya, Thuraya DSL, ACeS


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