Fixed Wing Geo-Location (Manned)


Windjammer is a Thuraya, INMARSAT hand-held satellite simulator that can conduct survey, stimulation, denial of service, and geo-location of a given target handset. It presents itself to satellite terminals as the network issuing commands that cause the terminals to communicate with the system directly. The terminal identities are determined at which time they may be actively geo-located. Variants include Portable (pictured), Rack System for simultaneous, multi-network operations, and UAV Systems which include a low bandwidth remote control capability.

Limitations and Planning Factors

Networks: Inmarsat miniM, Thuraya TX BAND: - Tuning Range: L-Band (1525-1559 MHz) - RF Output Power: Selectable from -12 dBm to +37 dBm RX BAND: - Full Range Receiver: 1525 - 1665 MHz - Uplink Receiver: 1626.5 - 1665 MHz GPS RX: - Antenna Connector: SMA - Antenna: External 1575.42 MHz, RH polarization, active 3 V, 20 dBi gain, SWR < 2.5 Range >2 miles ground, >8 miles air


SR Technologies
Florida-based SRT Group provides services to national security, law enforcement, aviation, and commercial customers that include design, engineering, research, and development in the wireless communications field. Recently, SRT launched a website for its law enforcement division, which provides Wi-Fi signal technology and training services for the law enforcement community. “Due to the sensitive nature of this business, we require that all visitors be registered before accessing further information,” the company’s website states. — Margot Williams, The Intercept


Inmarsat, Thuraya


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